A Luxury Travel Company

Short Comfortlimo client website


The client

A luxury (car) travel company located in Zaventem.

The goal

A modern and sleek website for reservations and displaying the available cars of the company.

Comfort Limo Client Website


The client wanted a simple website for clients to make their reservations on in a hassle-free way. On top of that they wanted to display the range of cars they have in their arsenal.

Starting at the top we’ve implemented a fitting banner image that showcases the luxuriousness of the company and its clients. The brand mission is shown with white text on top of the banner image.

Below the banner is the About Us section that tells the visitor what their company is all about. Three key points are highlighted as their primary points of expertise.

After that we’ve implemented a simple small section that displays their services.

Then we have the section that shows the company’s fleet. Images of their cars, both exterior and interior, which can both be filtered.

Below that we have the reservation section where clients can make detailed reservations for their travels.

Lastly there is the footer that displays the company’s name, motto and copyright information.

Reservation Section

This section is arguably the mostimportant part of this website. A travel company needs a reservation system to make their day-to-day operations a lot easier.

This reservation form includes the name, email, number of passengers, pickup location, date, pickup time, address, destination and additional comments.

Comfort Limo Contact section

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