A Family Pizzeria Located In Jette

Patzza Client Website Short


The client

A family pizzeria in the heart of Brussels 

The goal

To create a pleasing website to showcase their delicious food, the aim was to create a clear and easy to use website for easy ordering.

Patzza Full Client website


Our client was looking for a website to showcase their kitchen, in order to increase their visibility but also to increase their customer base. He wanted to create a digital presence to help his customers make their choices easier and to place orders more smoothly.

First there is the banner which represents the new promotions and the flagship products of Patt’za, accompanied by an animation to make the site dynamic.

Then the user will be taken directly to a section that visualises Patt’za’s kitchen to help them make the right choice, the user can decide to look at the product for more details. This will redirect him to a new page.

Of course the site is made up of several pages necessary to help the user find what he is looking for. All the while paying attention to the user’s comfort.


Contact Page

The contact page displays a contact form for any visitor questions or inquiries. 

Below that we have the contact information such as the address, the telephone number and the email address.

Located at the end of the page is a Google Maps section that displays the location of the company.

Patzza Client COntact Page

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