A Cleaning & Construction Company

Radii (client) Preview image of website


The client

A company that offers cleaning, painting and construction. Located in Antwerp (Belgium).

The goal

A simple and clean website to display the services and provide multiple ways to contact the company.

Full website screenshot of a client website named Radii


The client wanted a simple website that shows their services in a clean and easy way.

Starting at the top we’ve implemented a banner image with a text that showcases their brand mission. Under that we’ve included their phone number as a fast and easy Call-to-Action.

Below the banner is the About Us section that tells the visitor what their company is all about. Four key points are highlighted as their primary points of expertise.

After that we’ve implemented a small section that displays their completed projects and amount of satisfied customers. This section also serves as a contrasting middle point to cleanly divide the other sections from each other.

Then we have the service section with below that another Call-to-Action for the visitor to contact them.

Below that we have a section that displays the company’s four most important pillars.

Lastly there is ofcourse the footer that displays the company information such as their address, their telephone number and their email.

Contact Page

The contact page displays a contact form for any visitor questions or inquiries. 

Below that we have the contact information such as the address, the telephone number and the email address.

Located at the end of the page is a Google Maps section that displays the location of the company.

Radii (client) contact page

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